Welcome to Spaceflights Docs

The Spaceflights Docs project is a prototype static documentation for the space flight tutorial. I chose this project as many people will be familiar with it, or if not, can easily review it through the online documentation or run it using the spaceflight starter.

This static site is mostly manually edited to explore what functionality a documentation generator would need to cover. The Prerequisites and Usage are only needed if you wish to locally generate the documentation and play with the mkdocs framework. Within the data section you can explore the datasets used by this project. Extra points for those critical readers that can spot why model_input_table has grown to over 750k rows. Parameters make use of modular pipelines and the documentation can explain the detailed use of them. To explore the pipelines a static version of Kedro-Viz has been included.

And finally there are some more thoughts on why I think documentation is important and how this could be useful.


Some of these pages are mock documentation to give it some meat. Apologies if some points are repeated.